I have a general private practice treating young adults, adults and couples with expertise in the following areas:

Depression, lack of meaning
Outmoded patterns
Low self-esteem, shame
Anxiety, obsessions and compulsions
Relationship issues
Traumatic life events
Job stress, life transition

Chronic illness, and life threatening illness
Death, grief and loss
Dream analysis
LGBTQ clarity
Addiction issues
Eating disorders, body image
Spiritual questioning/crisis
Veteran’s issues
Relaxation and self-care

If you do not see the issue that you are experiencing on this list, please call me and I will be happy to talk with you.

I provide Analysis and Case Consultation to those who are seeking to train as a Jungian Analyst.

Psychotherapy involves weekly or twice a week hourly sessions. The continuity of weekly sessions is helpful for the progression of the therapeutic work.

The Importance of Relationship
Many people enter therapy due to a lack of satisfaction in relationships. Given that we are all social beings, our patterns of relating influence our lives significantly. As part of therapy, we may discuss how your ways of relating inform your perceptions and interactions as well as determine your means of self-protection and needs for emotional intimacy. Often established in childhood, these patterns are learned from cultural contexts and formulated in reaction to stable or unstable relationships with parents or primary caregivers.

Part of the therapy process may be to consider the communications between you and I to understand how of these patterns present themselves in relationship.

Early Relational Trauma
Early relational trauma may be an elusive element behind your life’s difficulties. As a child, you may have experienced outright abuse or more subtle types of abuse such as being ignored, controlled, demeaned or made to witness abuse of others. These types of abuses interrupt the ability to build a solid sense of self and the flexibility needed to create trusting and secure relationships. If you experienced any of these types of abuses, you and I can focus our attention on shifting your ways of relating so that they are more satisfying to you.